Sixaxis ESC affiliated with Quantum NRG



3 weeks ago

Sixaxis eSports are now affiliated with Quantum NRG. Before I go ahead, wanted to say that none of this is a generic spiel that they gave me, it's all my own words!

Quantum NRG is a sugar free energy drink, aimed at gamers. It is similar to Berocca in that it comes in a tube and is a tablet dropped into water. Rather then a can of Monster or a tub of G-Fuel, Quantum is a quick and easy alternative. It's also a shitload cheaper!

If anyone wants to purchase any - use the code 'SIXAXIS' at checkout to receive 20% off. There are plenty of codes out there, but using our code means that you are directly supporting 6A!



2 weeks ago

i will need to try some, enjoying a lot of sugar free things lately.

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