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1 year ago

Let us know if you're streaming or creating content of any kind!



1 year ago

Hi, Sixaxis! My name is Zac (NoobRun), and I am and up and coming Australian Twitch streamer (2 months in)

I am 20 years old, currently living in South Australia. I am a University student studying to become an accountant, going onto my third and final year in 2019.

I am currently the leader for the Sixaxis Competitive team for Black Ops 4! We have come a long way in the short time we have been together and the future looks bright!

I stream all of our competitive Gamebattles matches, Scrims and tournament matches! So at anytime you want to watch how the Sixaxis team is going check out my stream! I also stream Blackout when i am not playing competitively.

I'm very active in the chat and always down to talk some shit with people. We have a lot of fun as you will see if you come join one of the streams!

Hope to see you guys in my stream! Let me know if you are from the forum! Don't forget to leave a follow so you get notified when i am on!





1 year ago


Since 6A I dropped the Zach bit of Zach_Novak as there wasn't any confusion between myself and Vlasta. Let it commence once more...


Twitter, Youtube, all that info is in my Twitch description. I'm fairly lazy with Twitch and Youtube during the past 3-4 weeks with Christmas on and work and family time being more essential. I'll be into it again soon once a routine is figured out again with life as an old married man with 3 children sorts itself.

I've been playing PC since 2012 really. On my PS4 atm for Gran Turismo Sport and I'm having a blast.



1 year ago

Rick Kackis here....

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