6A Black Ops4 Tournament: Discussion



1 year ago

Single elimination tournament, Sunday 20th January. Sign up in the Registration thread and we will open the tournament if we have enough interest.

$10 per person, SOLO entry. 62~% 1st, 25~% 2nd & 9~% 3rd. All money will be passed back to winners, except the 29c cost that Stripe takes per person.

However, this is a team competition. All the below is on the proviso that there will be 80 players, and hence 16 teams of 5. Obviously, the more people the more cash involved. The more people, the more in prizemoney.

Prizes if 80 participants: 1st - $500 2nd - $200 3rd - $75 $25 to Sixaxis website to cover cost.

The teams will be selected by 16 captains. These captains will be chosen via Pro Points, meaning the 8 entrants with the highest amount of Pro Points will be captains. The remaining 64 players will enter a pool and will be selected via a snake draft on Sunday 13th January. This would preferably be broadcast live on Twitch where all entrants could tune in to see who picks them and what team they’re on and all the banter that would go along with that. The host of this stream is TBA (please DM if interested), alternatively each draft pick will be announced on twitter/sixaxis.com.au. For the following week, captains are able to make ONE trade per team to be agreed on by both captains.

Pro’s to this tournament: • You can win cash and won’t be going up against an OP premade team to do so. It’s more of a level playing field. • Bragging rights over your usual teammates when you carry HawiiazorSZN to a win over them. • Play with players you’ve never played with or heard of. Diversity – I believe it’s an old, old wooden ship that was being used in the Civil War era. • Nothing like this has been done before! You’ll be a pioneer! Yay! • Find out how others rate you or help get your name out there! • You can say “GL beast” or “my guy” on twitter when your friends get picked. • We are a website with a trusted name and have a long history of running successful leagues in the community.

Con’s: • You may not get to play with your best buddy/carry  • You might be picked last, how embarrassing! The good news is, your teamed with the 1st overall pick in the draft! • You might need to talk to rando’s for a few hours 

The fine print: Entry is on a first come first served basis. If the number of participants who join is not easily divided into teams, the last people to register will be refunded and will unfortunately miss out. For example, if we have 82 players and you were 81st or 82nd to pay, you will likely miss out. No, we can’t let you play with your BFF. This is a tournament with solo entry. Rules will be as per standard CWL rulesets.

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